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It was dark, so we couldn't make out faces—only ominous, dark figures holding torches.We kept our distance but something clicked for us: We wanted people to see what was happening so we went live on our phones.But we didn't witness any clashes between protesters and counterprotesters, or with the police, at the time—they seemed to have happened earlier in the morning.Leanne: We saw the aftermath of fights—maybe one or two people, bruised and bleeding—but we never saw a fight in front of us.

Ever since the election, I’ve known that there are people who feel a certain way, but seeing a mass of them in person meant I was coming face to face with people who I know probably hate me on sight. Elizabeth: As we were watching everything, a group of people started coming toward us and I realized that Richard Spencer was among them. Elizabeth: As soon as they heard me say, “That’s Richard Spencer,” his security team started flanking him.We went downtown at around and as soon as we began walking, every one of our senses was assaulted by how terrible the day was going to be.The first people we saw were people with Confederate flags draped across their backs and people carrying assault rifles. We started walking toward Emancipation Park where the Unite the Right rally was supposed to happen.Rattled by the reports, 23-year-old Sines hopped into her car and drove the 10 minutes from her off-campus apartment to the center of the action.

“The best way to describe it, and I’m not trying to be funny, was that they looked like a group of frat boys running to the UVA main lawn with tiki torches,” Sines said. She called her roommate and fellow law student Leanne Chia to see if she would join her on campus.If we could get more people out there with us, it would be so much safer.